Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Building Site

I read the book "The Hand-Sculpted House" and it resonated with me so much that it has led me here. To actually attempt to build a tiny cob cottage.

See the two oak trees in the distance? The plan was to build the cob cottage between those trees.

Here is a view toward the trees during winter.

A closer look at the proposed building site.

A view to the south.

A view north, toward some other structures on the land.

Then, the plan changed. I had read that sometimes structures built close to trees can have a detrimental effect on the trees. The house goes up and the trees die within months. Those two beautiful oak trees are at least a hundred years old, likely more, and although they would have provided some wonderful shade the risk felt too great to put such a heavy building there. New trees could be planted for shade. Another building site would be chosen.

Drainage, privacy, and solar gain were important considerations in the decision. A new site was chosen one hundred feet north of the originally proposed site.

This is the new building site.

 A view of the site, facing northwest, in winter.

And a view west, also in winter.

The building's position is marked with stones.

What a sunset! There is a sunset like this every night as long as it is clear.