Monday, February 16, 2015

Base Plaster, Part One

Plastering of the interior has begun. This base layer of plaster is an earthen mix of clay and sand.

The base layer of plaster helps fill in any irregularities in the walls. In this photo notice the weathering of the wall in the lower right. This was done last winter, before the roof was on.


Here the entrance wall is receiving it's plaster.

Most plasters include some fiber such as straw in the mix. I did not use straw since I'm plastering in less than optimal winter drying conditions, and straw is susceptible to mold.

The results have been very good. There is some cracking due to the absence of straw but the next layer of finish plaster will hide any cracks.

Window sills have been made for each of the windows.


Base plastering is now finished on the lower level. A few more days work on the loft and upper level should see it complete.

Then all that remains before move in is: 1. A layer of finish plaster. 2. Install electric (optional).