Monday, September 16, 2013

Finding Pace

I'm getting closer to finding a manageable pace of building. The heat, my energy level, and progress on the cottage need to be balanced. When looking at day-to-day progress it has the appearance of being s-l-o-w. But when looking at progress in its entirety the progress is satisfying. These walls are growing. And cooler days are ahead so the pace will only increase.

It doesn't look like much but there is progress here.

Looking northeast toward a kitchen area. The stray rocks hold the wall covers in place.

Looking southeast toward a sitting area. Imagine three windows, a cafe table, and two chairs.

Work in progress.

Looking west.

Walls tucked in for the night. Burlap covered by plastic.

Here is a link to some inspiration. Mud Girls Natural Building Cob Workshop via  Wouldn't you just love to live in this cottage? If you have any interest in owner-built homes, bicycle touring, simple living, or a fresh way of looking at things is worth a visit.