Monday, September 30, 2013

One Month In

It has been one month since work began on the cob walls.

The most notable addition in the past week has been the addition of the door frame. This is outside looking in. You can see the brace attached on the left. The frame feels very solid already and could stand on its own but the brace will be left in place until the walls get a little higher.

Inside looking out toward the west through the door frame.

The cob bench was built out during the past week as well. Lots of rocks were added for mass and to reduce the amount of cob needed in the bench.

Here is the bench with the first layer of cob added to the top. This cottage would be perfect for a rocket mass heater with a flue exiting through the bench. I decided against the mass heater for now and heat will instead be provided by a tiny wood stove.

More wiring.

The drain pipe for the sink has been installed.

Looking southwest.

Looking west.

Looking north.

The bench area is going to be a very cozy alcove. There will be a loft above and it should feel perfectly snug when completed.

Things are taking shape.

One day there was a short but intense period of rain. As the walls get higher they will be more challenging to keep dry. From this distance the door frame provides some scale. This will indeed be a tiny cottage.

Another beautiful sunset.