Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Update

The summer heat is here and for the next four to six weeks not much building will be done. I was however able to get some protective stain on the rafters.

There have been some incredible storms this summer. The cottage has been pelted with fierce showers on numerous occasions, the kind where it is raining sideways. There has been some minor wash out but the building has stood up extremely well. But I am looking forward to applying the protective plaster in the fall.

If you find yourself interested in this project and think you also might be interested in acquiring this cob house, along with it's accompanying small farmhouse and large steel shop building, plus several more acres with lots of space to build on just send me an email from my Google+ Profile page.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still Going

I've been building but at a reduced rate due to daytime heat. Early morning is when building is being done now. I'm finding that being limited to a few hours a day provides a nice comfortable pace where the process can really be enjoyed. The walls are still being filled in to roof level. Here are some before pictures...

And after...

And now the southwest corner is filled in too. Although the progress is not quick these days, without deadlines it is enormously rewarding. I can visualize myself living in this cottage now. That day is drawing closer...

Here you can see the remaining gaps that need to be filled in. Within about 9 more building days wall construction will be complete on this building. Then the focus will shift to the windows, door, floor, and perhaps exterior plaster.

Until next time meet some new friends of mine.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Closing In

The east wall is now nearly closed in. It is becoming more difficult to show progress so here are a series of before and after pictures.

Outside before.

Outside after.

The wildflower pictures in the last post were a hit so here are some more.

Inside before.

Inside after. Puck lights will be mounted on the top shelf to illuminate the kitchen counter. On the top of the shelf will be a rope light. Anyone who has been inside BA's tiny house will know where those ideas originated...

More wildflowers!

This is the same east wall and the kitchen and dining spaces are located here. The sink will be on the left near the window. In the middle shelves will hang from the shelf that is already in place. To the right will be a table and chairs next to the windows.

The loft has ended up being a good size. I think even a king size mattress could fit into the space. It is going to be such a cozy space to sleep in. Even now sitting up in the loft is very calming and relaxing.

This morning there was a full moon on the horizon about to set. What an incredible sight! This also happened a couple of months ago.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Back to Cob

The wildflowers have started blooming.

Now that the roof is on work has begun on closing the building in.  Cob is being added to the space between the top of the walls and the roof. I need to go all the way around the building like this.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Let It Pour!

This week the focus was on "drying-in" the cottage. The roof was trimmed up, flashing was installed, and roofing felt was nailed down.

Now it can rain all it wants. And the timing couldn't be better since tomorrow the first severe storms of the year are forecast. These are the kind of storms where it can rain one inch in a half hour.

It doesn't look like it but the slope of the roof on the west side is steeper than the east side. It is just steep enough where anything on that side of the roof wants to slide off the roof. Materials, tools ... people ...

The east side was done and I had one row of felt down on the west side. Between the difficult slope, the strong wind, and only two hands it was exasperating. There were a few close calls of sliding of the roof entirely and it felt very unsafe working that west side.

Then three helpers arrived. My neighbor who is a builder stopped by and then he brought his crew over. The timing couldn't have been any better. With all the extra hands and their expertise it made short work of the remaining tasks. Many, many thanks to my neighbor and his awesome crew! You not only made my day but kept me safe as well.

I'm very grateful that the building is now finally safe from rain, but even more grateful for the help that appeared so unexpectedly and helped to achieve this milestone.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cottage Has A Roof

The roof is on! In this photo the 12 foot ladder next to the building helps to set the scale.

It took 12 days to put the roof on the cottage.

Work was done in four phases. Preparing the building, fabricating and installing beams, setting rafters, then sheathing.

There still is more work to do - some trimming and beautifying.

Then the top layers can be installed. The waterproof membrane and the standing seam metal.

The building is darker than anticipated inside. I thought the south facing windows would be contributing more light than they do.

More cob will the added to the top of the walls to close the building in.

Most sunsets are fairly clear but this one was dusty.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rafters, Part Two

All the rafters are now in place.


Just a few more days and this cottage will be safe from the spring storms.

The roof decking will go on next.

More cob will need to be added to the top of the walls to close the building in.

The last chance to play with cob will be sometime in the next few weeks.