Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Moving Into A Cob House

I have moved into the tiny cob cottage. So far I have lived in it for ten days and nights. This is the office / dining area.

The building has been very comfortable so far. The quality of sleep in the loft is remarkable. Here is the hang out space. Some bench seating will be built soon.

I now have a kitchen!

There will be a lot of room for storage under the counter. I am planning on adding more shelves on the left side.

A view out the window at breakfast time.

The week wasn't without excitement. Two severe thunderstorms that each produced tornadoes came around. In the picture below can you see the lowering on the left? That lowering produced a tornado about ten miles away.


One of those severe storms took a bite out of the west wall of the cottage. Its minor but I need to get the finish plasters on the outside of the building.

Those angry storms don't look so bad from the back side...