Sunday, May 31, 2015

One Month In

It has been six weeks since move in and I have been able to spend some quality time in the cob cottage recovering from the final pushes needed for move in. Although there is still finish work to be completed I have been spending most of my time just enjoying the building.

The house has proven to be very quiet inside and has so far comfortable to live in. The quality of sleep in the loft has been remarkable, far better than expected. The loft is starting to feel warm at night though requiring a window to be open.

The late spring days are now becoming very warm so the temperature in the building is regulated by the standard practice of opening windows when it is cool outside in the morning and keeping them closed through the day. I'm very curious to see how the building performs during the scorching summer heat. It just survived one of the wettest, stormiest spring seasons seen here which is encouraging.

The kitchen is simple yet has proven to be very usable. The drain for the sink still needs to be connected. More shelves are planned for the left side of the counter and also under the counter.

Work will slow for the summer but I'll continue to chip away at things as time permits and will continue to enjoy this house - and the grapes which will be ready in a few weeks.