Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Major Milestones

The winter weather has taken over. Last week was limited to two building days but during those days almost unbelievably three major milestones converged.

Milestone 1. All walls are now over six feet high, as high as the window frames, and approaching seven feet high in some places.

Milestone 2. The beams for the loft have been set.

Milestone 3. For the first time I had a full time help for an entire day. Tiny house builder and friend BA Norrgard came all the way from Dallas to help build with cob and to collaborate on the design of the cottage.

It turns out that BA is a prolific cob builder. I demonstrated one time how to mix cob and how to apply it to the wall, then turned her loose. She built two sections of wall entirely on her own while I tried to stay out of her way.

A mock up was done of the loft area and the beams were set in their planned position. BA suggested fanning the beams. The beams were arranged in a fanned position and that was it! Immediately it looked and felt right.

Here are some other pictures of the current progress.

This sunset was unique. In a period of just a few seconds the entire sky started glowing. Looking west revealed this.