Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Loft and Lintels

Half of February was lost to winter weather but building has now resumed.

All windows have received lintels, starting with the kitchen window. A lintel is a component that helps to distribute the load of the structure above.

A lintel has also been added above the west window. This west wall is now nearing its final height and is ready for a roof beam.

A lot of the work this week has been focused around the loft area. The loft is really taking shape.

Uh oh. Snow and ice from a winter storm melted and it softened the yet unsupported cob above the window and a section collapsed.

No worries. Lintel support was added and repair is well underway. Cob is such a forgiving material to work with.

Walls on two sides are nearly nine feet high. When approaching the building both visitors and myself just smile with delight at the impressive size.

Another area that always evokes a positive response from visitors is the alcove under the loft. With the beams in place and the loft extending above it is easy to visualize the finished space.

Today lintels were installed above the south side windows. The remainder of the week will be spent adding height to the south wall.

Following that some final height will be added to the north wall to support a ridge beam. Then the cottage will be ready for roof work.