Monday, February 24, 2014

Above The Walls

Ten work days in a row! Not bad for February. The cottage now looks like a completely different building.

Come inside and take a look at the changes.

The columns between the windows feature prominently now.

A shelf has been added along the east wall. It will provide support for other kitchen shelves below.

A second shelf has also been added above the entrance. It will be used as a storage area.

Back outside the transition the cottage was taken is very noticeable.

This is about as high as the building will go on the west side with the roof beam being the final addition.

Just a few more work days and the cottage will be high enough for the center ridge beam to be installed. Here you can see the north wall starting to aim for ridge beam height.

A look from overhead.

And looking back toward the loft.

The east side is less finished in appearance while the end walls rise to their final height.

The south wall is 20 inches higher than five days ago. Amazing.