Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Closing In

The east wall is now nearly closed in. It is becoming more difficult to show progress so here are a series of before and after pictures.

Outside before.

Outside after.

The wildflower pictures in the last post were a hit so here are some more.

Inside before.

Inside after. Puck lights will be mounted on the top shelf to illuminate the kitchen counter. On the top of the shelf will be a rope light. Anyone who has been inside BA's tiny house will know where those ideas originated...

More wildflowers!

This is the same east wall and the kitchen and dining spaces are located here. The sink will be on the left near the window. In the middle shelves will hang from the shelf that is already in place. To the right will be a table and chairs next to the windows.

The loft has ended up being a good size. I think even a king size mattress could fit into the space. It is going to be such a cozy space to sleep in. Even now sitting up in the loft is very calming and relaxing.

This morning there was a full moon on the horizon about to set. What an incredible sight! This also happened a couple of months ago.