Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Cottage Building

It has been one month since the last post. During the month only five days were spent working but they were five very good days.

There were two winter storms and some time away but nearly two feet of height was able to be added to the east and north walls. The kitchen window frame was installed.

Another storm is approaching but afterward it should be possible to see the west and south walls match the others in height. The higher walls are now 6.5 feet high.

This is what it looks like when sitting in the alcove. Note the curved wall on the left. It is a very pleasing place to sit.

And here is another view while sitting in the alcove.

The Great Wall. A glass pane has been installed for a small north facing oval window.

Following the ice storms some cracks developed in the walls. They do not appear to be structural. The walls had a thick coating of ice. Some ice must have melted, the moisture entered the wall, then froze again.

Here is a view of the future kitchen.

Mount Fujiyama.

This is what it looks like while work is in progress. Ladders are a must now since the walls are getting so high.

Here is a closer look at the new north window from the inside.

The cottage stands guarded by the four old oak trees.