Sunday, November 10, 2013

Half Way

A very good work week has seen one foot of height added all the way around the cottage, front window frames installed, and the south side brought up to height with the rest of the walls. The walls are now half way to the six foot milestone at which time focus will turn toward the roof.

The walls have reached "smile height". Working next to them makes me smile. It is hard to believe that the walls are shoulder high in some places.

In the coming week preparations need to be made for the remaining windows. There are four more windows to install. They will not be large windows but will be positioned for light and most importantly, ventilation. One opening window will be installed on the west wall, and one on the north wall. There will be a window over the sink and another on the east wall near the existing window frames. These will be just frameless panes of glass inserted into the cob wall.

Supports for the kitchen counter have been installed as has a pipe to supply water for the sink. This sink will be in the corner, although it is more of a rounded curve than a corner.

Solar gain appears good. This is mid day on November 9. The sunshine is able to reach half the floor in the cottage. I did make a mistake siting the building however as the building becomes shaded by 2:30 in the afternoon.

I was mixing a batch of cob and had to stop to take this picture, finding myself in disbelief that the building is growing as it is. Two short months ago when looking in this direction one had to imagine seeing a building. Now there is a building there. Amazing.